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Save $20 off a single volume or $100 off all four volumes thru March 20, 2011

Pre-built animated slides for PowerPoint® 2007!

Want professionally designed PowerPoint slides?
You will love our instant slides! Pre-built. Animated. Reusable.

Need to create a PowerPoint show—fast?
You will delight in the amazingly easy-to-use slides designed for both beginners and advanced users. Copy. Paste. And show!

Want a versatile resource of powerful, dazzling and unique slides?
You will treasure the Library of Reusable PowerPoint® Slides!

100% customizable. Template adaptable. Change…or not!

Each volume contains:
• CD with a PowerPoint® show of 72 animated Reusable Slides to copy and paste
+ 11 bonus slides
• Easy to follow How-to’s and More pdf
• Full-color illustrated slide Guide Book with QuickStart directions
• Hundreds of expert tips for creative uses
• Dozens of professional presentation tips

Regularly $79 for each volume.  
: $59.00 + shipping and handling, or download instantly!



VOLUME 1: Animated Circles and Symbols

Sample Slides 

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Your Reusable Slides are BRILLIANT!
M. McCormack, Information Enterprises

Adds pizzazz to your presentation without overdoing it. 
K. Jacobs, author of Kathy Jacobs on PowerPoint

VOLUME 2: Animated Photos

Sample Slides 

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The Library helps me create customized slides with my own photos! Now my presentations are a visual “feast” instead of boring bullet points and words.  
L. Canham,Dental Speaker/Trainer

These Slides make me look better than I am! Creative!
B. Irwin

VOLUME 3: Animated Boxes and Stars

Sample Slides 

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I could take the time to do all the animations, but then there’s Marilyn’s Slides, so why?
L. Armbruster, Virtual Assistant

I will be using your excellent animated Slides shamelessly.
J. Warwick

VOLUME 4: Animated Arrows and Titles

Sample Slides

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Your editable Slides are spectacular!
M. Round, Rounds, Miller & Associates

I bought your Slides Monday, used them Tuesday! It was as easy as you said it would be!
C. Kadansky, Exceptional Sales Performance

Participants ooh and ahh when I use the Slides! They add so much and Marilyn’s done all the hard work.
M. Roth, Staff Training Programs

Package of All Four Volumes

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Presentation Skills Success Resources

Visual Thinking Games

Great for training, breaks, and pre-show activities! This PowerPoint® show can be run as a looping show during pre-training or pre-show. You can use one or a series of these boldly colored, brief, moderately challenging visual games. Use for 30-second to 10-minute creative thinking exercises during every kind of program!

Also immediately available as a download by clicking here for $12.77. Save shipping & handling costs!

Purchase: $20.00           Download: $12.77


Essential Tips for a Successful Speech
by Marilyn Snyder, et al. (Booklet)

If you have never given a speech before, or even if you are a seasoned speaker who wants to improve your speaking skills, this booklet is your guide to everything you need to know to give a problem-free speech.

Also immediately available as a download by clicking here for $4.77. Save shipping and handling costs!

Purchase: $9.95            Download: $4.77



Minimize Your Speaking Fears
(Special Report, downloadable only)

Get ideas from an expert with 20,000+ hours of platform experience. Everybody gets butterflies over speaking in public -- now you can get great advice from some of the best experts out there. Use these ideas to dramatically reduce your concerns and present like a pro!

Whenever you download, you're getting it immediately while also saving shipping and handling costs!

Download: $4.77


Listenability Techniques
(Special Report, downloadable only)

12 attractive pages jam-packed with proven ways to increase audience interaction and comprehension, solidly based on adult learning research

Whenever you download, you're getting it immediately while also saving shipping and handling costs!

Download $4.77


PowerPoint Presentations Quick Guide
(Special Report, downloadable only)

15 pages for the non-technical person who needs to find your way around the computer, PowerPoint program, data projector, and remote…..while looking like a master as you do the presentation. This remarkable collection has a slew of tips for general presentation, presenting interactively, keyboard tricks, rehearsing, using the remote, and when to give up on technology and just GIVE your presentation.

Whenever you download, you're getting it immediately while also saving shipping and handling costs!

Download: $4.77


PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
(Special Report, downloadable only)

Using tips and tricks is one of the most important timesavers you can employ in your professional speaking, whether it’s beforehand during preparation or on-stage during your show. This eight-page compilation comes from a master PowerPoint designer and professional presenter who knows when shortcuts can make or break getting the show ready on time, or showing it quickly and seamlessly. Keep this reference guide close to your keyboard for some of the most valuable shortcuts out there!

Download: $4.77


A Showcase of Creative Interactive Techniques for Speakers and Trainers
(Special Report, downloadable only)

Anyone who wants to make your presentation dynamic through participation from your group can use the very helpful suggestions contained within this eight-page report. Here are time-proven techniques to create group interaction from the moment you begin your presentation. Extracted over 20 years, these approaches work over and over, yet are so simple to use!

Whenever you download, you're getting it immediately while also saving shipping and handling costs!

Download: $4.77


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