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PPT Design Services

Audiences say: “Boring slides, boring presenters.”

If your PowerPoint template, graphics and animations are “boring” and don’t help tell your story in an interesting, exciting or visual way, your presentation isn’t as strong as it could be.

End the madness! As a professional who speaks, your audience watches your PowerPoint show and judges your speech by it. To make it more effective, you need a unique PowerPoint “look” that is as unique to you as your own handprints. And you need innovative alternatives to those monotonous bullet-ridden slides.

                 BEFORE                                                AFTER

     after image

Interactive Presentations can help you:
• improve your professional look with an expertly designed template and show.
• get your message across faster and easier by creating interesting and understandable visuals.
• save hours of drudgery by creating both slide content and visuals for you.
learn how to deliver your show in a compelling and intriguing style.

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PowerPoint presentation is a HIT!
I just booked 27 speeches from one convention!

Peter Bielagus, Young America’s Financial Coach

Interactive Presentations offers a unique approach to PowerPoint design services.
With a unique blend of expertise in PowerPoint design, presentation skills, instructional design, and stand-up delivery, Interactive Presentations has the knowledge and background to put together well-organized and creative visuals that help audiences get the message faster and retain your ideas longer.

Interactive offers several levels of service:
Customized High-End Presentation Development

  • Unique customized templates that reflect your personality, branding and topic, ready to apply to any new or existing PowerPoint slideshow.
  • Interactive slideshow development from your content with photos, easy-to-understand concept slides and high-end animations.
  • Simplification of highly complex content so the audience will “get” it.
  • Highly personalized PowerPoint coaching and speaker support.

Basic Slide Makeovers

  • Making over individual slides by reformatting, editing text to increase understanding and designing easy-to-understand concept slides.
  • Creating unique Alternate backgrounds to add interest and energy.
  •  Standardizing fonts, format, colors, styles.


“I am amazed at how many people comment about how much they love my PowerPoint presentation.” Scott Hunter, NSA Greater Los Angeles Chapter

“The WOW factor of the show is so much improved that I have sold 2 and 3 times more books at each of my last three events in comparison to all my past sales ever.” Jean-Marc Hachey, Intercultural Systems, Ontario, Canada

“What an amazing difference! Marilyn is fantastic to work with—she read my mind, figuring out what I wanted when I didn’t know it myself! Pam Lontos, PR/PR, Florida

“Marilyn Snyder created an entire series of materials for us that outclasses all of the other presentations I see.” Tom Shay, CSP, Florida

“Marilyn is easy to work with and provides you with the look that matches your brand. Top notch work, on time and on budget! Money well spent.”Greg Maciolek, Tennessee

“Thanks to you, my PowerPoint looks outstanding compared to all the other speakers on the program!” David Markovitz, Past President, NSA Greater Los Angeles Chapter

“My new PowerPoint presentation is
400-500% better than what I had been using in the past. It is very visually appealing and infinitely more interesting – not to mention professional looking.”

Donna Cardillo, Nurse Power, NJ

“I have been getting rave reviews from the presentation! What’s really cool is I can get the point across far better than ever before. It’s visual so it sticks. When I’ve finished presenting, my audience can recite it back to me!”   Tom Ward, Hudson, WI

“You did for me what I couldn’t do for myself! Thank you!” Sheryl Roush, Graphic Designer, San Diego, CA

“Finally – PowerPoint with personality!!!” Milo Shapiro, San Diego

“Marilyn’s craft and creativity made my presentations look more professional….and steamlined the production time!” Michele Matt, CSP, Inspiring Solutions, Iowa

“As the Safety Lady, I wanted a unique look for my PowerPoint slides. Interactive was so easy to work with and now my new look finally represents what I do and makes my message stand out.” Terry Jo Gile, The Safety Lady, St. Louis, MO

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